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Subvert the traditional 3D Wall panel

Subvert the traditional 3D Wall panel

3D Wall panel is a new type of fashionable art interior decoration board, also known as 3D three-dimensional wave board, can replace the natural wood veneer, veneer panels and so on. Mainly used for wall decoration in various places, its beautiful shape, uniform structure, strong sense of three-dimensionality, fire and moisture-proof, easy processing, good sound-absorbing effect, green environmental protection. Variety of varieties, there are dozens of patterns and nearly thirty kinds of decorative effects.

3D wall panel is a high-quality medium-fiber density board as a substrate, by large-scale three-dimensional computer engraving machine carved out a variety of patterns and shapes, the surface of the different processes used in manufacturing, can be shaped into different styles of fashionable effects.

It can be widely used in all kinds of high-grade housing, villas, nightclubs, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, office buildings and other interior decoration projects, is a fashionable, high-grade new interior decoration materials.

Waterproof and moisture-proof, advanced technology
The back of the 3D Wall panel is processed with pvc, so as to achieve the effect of moisture-proof.
The surface also has a variety of processing methods, paste solid wood veneer, plastic absorption, spray paint, etc., the thickness of the material also has a variety of styles, to maximize to meet your different needs.

Material knowledge: 3D Wall panel construction instructions

Boards in the splicing, should be grain, modeling, alignment, should not be installed with nails hammering. It is not suitable to contact with chemical liquids such as asphaltene, turpentine, strong acid, etc., to avoid damage to the board surface gloss effect. The use of the process should be a good product board surface protection measures, available some loose items such as soft fabric class, to prevent the operation of tools sawing board surface. When the surface is stained with dust, it should be lightly wiped with a soft rag, and should not be wiped with too hard a rag to avoid rubbing the board surface.

Post time: Oct-18-2023