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The super popular UV board, how much do you know about it?

The super popular UV board, how much do you know about it?

UV board interpretation

UV board, refers to the surface of particle board, density board and other panels protected by UV treatment. UV, in fact, is the abbreviation of the English ultraviolet (ultraviolet), so UV paint is also known as ultraviolet curing paint, its curing has a high light antibacterial effect, can be said to be an ideal door plate in the decorative panels.

UV panels are composed of four parts: protective film + imported UV paint + triamine paper + medium fiberboard substrate, and can be found in the living room, bedroom, study, children’s room, kitchen and other spaces.

So what are the benefits of UV panels in the end, why it will become the popular panels that everyone is looking for?

Take your time, listen to me to speak carefully ~

Six advantages.

High value

With its bright color and mirror high-gloss effect appearance, it can be locked in a glance among many plates.


High hardness

Wear and scratch resistance, high hardness characteristics make it brighter and brighter the more it is worn, and long-term curing at room temperature without deformation.



UV paint is a major feature of anti-oxidation, anti-yellowing, anti-fading, long time and the initial as bright;


Easy to clean

Because of the characteristics of its smooth mirror surface, very easy to clean, in time like the kitchen where the oil is large UV board cleaning is also very convenient.


Good environmental protection

UV board is recognized as one of the environmentally friendly boards, because its surface is cured by ultraviolet light, forming a dense curing film, will not release any toxic and harmful gases.


Wide application

UV has a shorter production cycle, easy to process and easy to repair in the same color, so the application is wider than baking paint.


Do you understand UV board this time?

It is these advantages of UV itself

So it is well deserved to be sought after by everyone ~

Post time: Feb-13-2023