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Chenming Industry & commerce:Committed to creating the world plate assembly line

Chenming Industry & commerce:Committed to creating the world plate assembly line

Chenming wood industry, decades of green plate manufacturers, is committed to creating environmental protection, health and diversification of plate enterprises.

Recently, into the chenhong plate processing and assembly integration project of the production workshop, fully automated production line, the international top production equipment is running at high speed, the reporter saw an annual output of 100,000 square meters of directional structural plate production line, through the integrated control of electrical automation, German industry 4.0 technology perfectly present here: After sizing, paving, pressing, post-treatment and other processes, large swaths of shavings walk off the production line in the “posture” of directional structural boards; Eleven robots operate together under the instructions of the system data, and a series of intelligent control procedures such as intelligent sawing, seamless perfect edge sealing, scanning, drilling, slotting and packaging are carried out for each directional structural plate, completing intelligent customization from log entry to furniture molding.
It is understood that the entire production line only need 4 to 5 operators, greatly saving labor costs. After receiving the order, the intelligent control system will automatically open the order and assign the production task. After selecting materials from the intelligent silo, the multi-dimensional integrated production will be realized, realizing the flexible production mode of “precise customization + mass production”. Production line does not need to rely on manual cutting, all orders knead together production. At the end of the production line, according to each customer’s order, each kind of packaging, etc.

With the expansion of the scope of consumer custom plate and the strengthening of the trend of consumption upgrading, custom plate has become an important consumption entrance. However, the entrance has been controlled by many large plate enterprises in recent years, and the profits of enterprises solely relying on plate sales are getting lower and lower, extending to the scope of customized plate, becoming the only choice for enterprise development. Without trans-boundary thinking, it is difficult for an enterprise to achieve breakthrough development. Only by deepening strategic thinking can it seize the advantageous position of development.

Morning hong wood industry cultivates plank industry several dozens year by year, in the plate on the research, development, production and sales have a lot of experience and channels, the company can’t stay in the initial stage of processing raw materials, but around the chain, downstream products, deep processing products, value chain extension, promote industrial chain, value chain, innovation chain three complement each other, to speed up the implementation agglomeration, scale, fine, high-end development. In addition, for the high-end market, tooling field, home decoration field has also carried out a series of research and development, actively seize the commanding heights of the industry market. Product research and development is the basis of enterprise products to meet the needs of consumer customization, enterprise research and development of product style, design elements, design specifications, product technology, price system and other information maintenance to the design platform, the formation of a unique product sales catalogue design and product database.

Sheet metal forming workshop took the lead in realizing the automatic production of the whole process from log feeding to sheet metal finished products to packaging warehousing, and realized the huge transformation from the traditional labor-intensive upgrade to automation and NUMERICAL control, which greatly improved the sheet metal production efficiency and reduced the labor intensity of employees. Plate workshop has been selected into the list of Digital Workshops of Shandong Province in 2021, realizing seamless connection of product design, raw material storage, cutting, edge sealing, drilling, special-shaped processing, sorting, packaging, finished product storage and other links, and realizing intelligent and informationalized product manufacturing. The whole process of product production has realized the production management mode of group parts kneading single production, two-dimensional code scanning collection of the whole process of plate parts, full electronization of process documents and drawings, and full data of plan follow-up feedback statistics, forming a complete chain of information management system.

With the continuous accumulation of front-end product design data, the enterprise uses big data analysis to continuously demonstrate the market demand for the products and modules developed and optimize the product data structure. At the same time, based on the requirements of household products, the enterprise also actively promote the development of plate series products, enhance the product and market fit. This shows that Chenhong wood industry is accelerating on the road of high quality development.

Post time: May-21-2022